Collection of the 30´s microcars

Fiat 500 Topolino - 1936

The   Fiat   500,   commonly   known   as   "Topolino", is   an   Italian   automobile   model   manufactured by Fiat from 1936 to 1955.

Fiat 500 Topolino - 1939

The   Topolino   was   one   of   the   smallest   cars   in the    world    at    the    time    of    its    production. Launched     in     1937,     three     models     were produced    until    1955,    all    with    only    minor mechanical    and    cosmetic    changes.    It    was equipped    with    a    569    cc    four-cylinder,    side- valve,   water-cooled   engine   mounted   in   front of    the    front    axle,    (later    an    overhead    valve motor)   and   so   was   a   full-scale   car   rather   than a   cyclecar.   The   radiator   was   located   behind the    engine    which    made    possible    a    lowered aerodynamic    nose    profile    at    a    time    when competitors   had   a   flat,   nearly   vertical   grill. The     shape     of     the     car's     front     allowed exceptional forward visibility.
1930-1939 After   the   Wall   Street   Crash   of   1929,   the   largest   stock   market   crash   in American   history,   most   of   the   decade   was   consumed   by   an   economic   downfall   called   the Great   Depression   that   had   a   traumatic   effect   worldwide.   In   response,   authoritarian   regimes   emerged   in   several   countries   in   Europe   and   South   America,   in particular   the   Third   Reich   in   Germany.   Weaker   states   such   as   Ethiopia,   China,   and   Poland   were   invaded   by   expansionist   world   powers,   the   last   of   these attacks   leading   to   the   outbreak   of   the   Second   World   War   a   few   months   before   the   end   of   the   decade. The   1930s   also   saw   a   proliferation   of   new   technologies, especially in the fields of intercontinental aviation, radio, and film.
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Photos mainly by Matti Kreivilä. Historical facts and technical details of the vehicles provided by Wikipedia. Movies YouTube.