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Maxi scooter from Japan

Suzuki Burgman 400

The Burgman series of scooters (known in Japan as

Skywave) is produced by Suzuki with engine capacities

from 125 cc up to 638 cc.

AN series

Launched   in   1998,   the   original   model   line-up   consisted   of   the AN250   and AN400Y   models.   In   2002 the   AN250   was   dropped,   replaced   by   the   European-legislation   compliant   for   learner-license purposes   UH125.   However,   the AN250   continued   to   be   released   in   other   countries. The   UH   prefix was   used   on   this   model   due   to   a   current   model   of   non   Burgman   heritage   still   being   produced. This is the AN125 and bears no resemblance nor lineage with the Burgman series.

AN2 series

In   2002,   the   fuel   injected   AN2   series   was   launched   in   UH125,   AN400   and   AN650   (L2)   variants. With   a   redesigned   fairing   package   allowing   for   better   lighting,   more   storage   capacity   and   1litre more   fuel   capacity,   there   was   also   the   option   for   ABS   on   the   AN400   and   AN650   models.   The AN400   was   available   in   USA   markets   in   2002   and   the   following   year   the AN650   (L3)   came   to   USA. Changes to the eCVT and computer on the AN650 (L5) in 2005. In   2004,   Suzuki   launched   an   up-market   AN650A   Executive   (Non-USA),   which   involved   a   full   ABS and accessories package. Burgman 400 had a few models 2005-2006   Burgman   400S   became   available,   featured   chrome   handle   bars,   a   lower   sport   like   bike windshield, and white and red gauges In 2007 the 400 was updated from a 13" to a 14" front wheel, dual disc brakes in the front. In 2018 the Burgman 400 was totally redesigned.


UH125   Burgman   125   (2002-present)   -   often   mistakenly   identified   as AN125   (an   earlier   Suzuki model   which   shares   none   of   the   Burgman   traits).   Whereas   a   Burgman   UH125   is   classed   as   a maxi-scooter,   AN125   is   a   scooter.   Suzuki   Burgman   is   one   of   the   fastest   motorbikes   regarding 125 cc and is quite comfortable. UB125   Burgman   Street   125   (2018-present)   -   a   Burgman   maxi-scooter   family   built   in   India based on Suzuki Access, completely different and smaller than UH125. UH150 Burgman 150 (2002-2006) UH200 Burgman 200 (2007-present) AN250 Burgman 250 (1998-2017) AN400 Burgman 400 (1998-present) AN400 Burgman 400 ABS AN650 Burgman 650 (2002-present) AN650A   Burgman   650   Executive   -   this   package   typically   adds   ABS   (Antilock   Braking   System), an   electric   adjustable   windshield,   electric   adjustable   folding   mirrors,   passenger   backrest, chrome   bar   ends   and   chrome   muffler   cover.   In   Canada   and   Europe,   heated   hand   grips   and heated seats are also part of the Executive package.

Experimentals and limited editions

Suzuki   has   made   a   hydrogen   fuel   cell-electric   hybrid   scooter   called   the   Suzuki   Burgman   fuel   cell scooter. It received "whole vehicle type" approval in the EU.
Photos mainly by Matti Kreivilä. Historical facts and technical details of the vehicles provided by Wikipedia. Movies YouTube.