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Moped manufacturing discontinued 1990

Tunturi City - 1980

Tunturi's history began in 1922. The foundations of the

Tunturi brand began when the Harkke brothers set up a

small bike shop in Turku, Finland. 


The   name   Tunturi   comes   from   the   Finnish   word   for   a   fell.   Bike   repairs   were   the   shop's   main focus    at    first,    and    then    gradually    they    added    some    small-scale    production,    manufacturing Tunturi   branded   bicycles.   The   brand   was   very   successful   and   within   a   few   years   the   small   shop was   exchanged   for   a   factory.   By   the   1950s   the   Tunturi   brand   was   the   domestic   market   leader   in mopeds. Utilising   technology   and   expertise   gained   from   bicycle   production,   Tunturi   expanded   into   fitness equipment   development.   In   the   1970s,   Tunturi   became   recognized   internationally   as   a   producer of fitness equipment. In   the   1990s,   a   strategic   decision   was   made   to   focus   on   the   production   of   Tunturi   fitness products   and   Tunturi   bicycles.   This   decision   was   important   for   the   further   development   of   the brand.   Tunturi   is   now   a   well-known   brand   in   Scandinavian   countries   and   Tunturi   fitness   products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. Tunturi is now located in Almere (near Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

Moped models

Tunturi Tuisku Tunturi Maxi Tunturi Automat Tunturi Start Tunturi Classic Tunturi Sport Tunturi Super Sport Tunturi Trial Tunturi DX Tunturi Tiger Tunturi Tiger S Tunturi Tiger Air Tunturi Tiger Aqua Tunturi Hopper Tunturi Magnum X Tunturi City Tunturi "Lähetti" (”Messenger”) Tunturi Break


Engine 50 cc 2-stroke
Photos mainly by Matti Kreivilä. Historical facts and technical details of the vehicles provided by Wikipedia. Movies YouTube.