The place where the legends are reborn


The   Garage,   or   The   Shop,   however   one   wants   to   call   it,   is   the   place   where   the   magic   is   created   and   legendary   vehicles   get   their   life   back.   Every   car,   scooter or   any   other   vehicle   is   inspected   by   our   volunteer   mechanics   and   if   possible   fixed   to   condition   where   it   can   be   driven   on   roads   legally.   Some   of   the   unique ones,   like   majority   of   the   microcars   have   gone   much   much   deeper   rebuilding.   It   is   alway   a   nice   challenge   to   start   a   new   project   as   there   is   so   much   secrets   to be   unrevailed,   like   finding   the   right   colour   and   paint   or   finding   the   missing   pieces,   upholstery,   tires   etc.   Usually   our   shop   finalizes   one   to   two   cars   in   a   year. There´s no rush, so we have time to do things properly. A restoration project can easily take over numerous hours.
BK Micro Car Collection BK GROUP - Helsinki
Photos mainly by Matti Kreivilä. Historical facts and technical details of the vehicles provided by Wikipedia. Movies YouTube.