Once so common but now rarely seen

Scooters, mopeds and motorcycles

No   collection   of   common   cars   is   complete   without   vehicles   bought   before   families   had   enough   money   for   cars.   The   50´s   and   60´s   were   the   golden   years   for scooters.   Noted   by   film   industry   too,   have   you   seen   any   Italian   movie   without   one   or   how   about   the   Quadrophenia ,   where   rockers   and   mods   competed   of   the dolls   favour.   BK   Collection   hosts   mostly   such   two   wheelers   which   have   been   very   common   in   Finland   at   the   time   or   have   some   personal   relations   with   the collector.
BK Micro Car Collection BK GROUP - Helsinki
Photos mainly by Matti Kreivilä. Historical facts and technical details of the vehicles provided by Wikipedia. Movies YouTube.