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520.000 Topolinos made between 1936 and 1955

Fiat 500 Topolino

The Fiat 500, commonly known as "Topolino", is an Italian

automobile model manufactured by Fiat from 1936 to


The Topolino   was   one   of   the   smallest   cars   in   the   world   at   the   time   of   its   production.   Launched   in 1937,   three   models   were   produced   until   1955,   all   with   only   minor   mechanical   and   cosmetic changes.   It   was   equipped   with   a   569   cc   four-cylinder,   side-valve,   water-cooled   engine   mounted in   front   of   the   front   axle,   (later   an   overhead   valve   motor)   and   so   was   a   full-scale   car   rather   than a    cyclecar.    The    radiator    was    located    behind    the    engine    which    made    possible    a    lowered aerodynamic   nose   profile   at   a   time   when   competitors   had   a   flat,   nearly   vertical   grill.   The   shape of the car's front allowed exceptional forward visibility. Rear   suspension   initially   used   quarter-elliptic   rear   springs,   but   buyers   frequently   squeezed   four or   five   people   into   the   nominally   two-seater   car,   and   in   later   models   the   chassis   was   extended at the rear to allow for more robust semi-elliptic springs. With   horsepower   of   about   13   bhp,   its   top   speed   was   about   53   mph   (85   km/h),   and   it   could achieve   about   39.2   miles   per   US   gallon   (6.00   L/100   km;   47.1   mpg-imp).   The   target   price   given when   the   car   was   planned   was   5,000   lire.   In   the   event   the   price   at   launch   was   9,750   lire,   though the   decade   was   one   of   falling   prices   in   several   part   of   Europe   and   later   in   the   1930s   the Topolino was   sold   for   about   8,900   lire.   Despite   being   more   expensive   than   first   envisioned,   the   car   was competitively priced. Nearly 520,000 were sold. Three   models   were   produced.   Model   A   and   B   shared   the   same   body,   only   the   engine   of   model   B had   16   hp,   vs.   13   hp   of   model   A.   Model   A   was   produced   from   1937.   till   1948.,   while   B   was produced   1948.   and   1949.   Model   A   was   only   a   2-door   sedan,   while   Model   B   also   introduced   a   3- door   wagon   under   the   name   500   B   Topolino   Giardinetta   ("station   wagon,   estate   car").   Model   C started   in   1949.   with   restyled   body   and   the   same   engine   as   Model   B,   and   was   offered   in   2-door sedan   and   3-door   wagon   versions.   Since   1952.,   Giardinetta   was   renamed   Belvedere   ("A   turret   or other    raised    structure    offering    a    pleasant    view    of    the    surrounding    area",    referring    to    its sunroof). Model C was produced until 1955. In   1955   the   mid-size   rear   wheel   drive   Fiat   600   was   launched   by   Fiat   and   that   would   become   the design basis for the new Fiat 500, the Nuova 500.


Engine 569 cc 4 cylinders Power 13 HP Top speed 85 km/h Lenght/width 3,25 m/1,29 m Weight 535 kg
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