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401 cars were manufactured in Sweden under license

Fuldamobil 4-wheel

Fuldamobil is the name of a series of small cars produced

by Elektromaschinenbau Fulda GmbH of Fulda, Germany,

and Nordwestdeutscher Fahrzeugbau (NWF) of

Wilhelmshaven between 1950 and 1969.

Though   numbers   produced   were   relatively   small,   the   cars   attracted   sufficient   attention   to   see licensed   construction   on   four   continents   including   Europe.   In   its   ultimate   configuration   it   is   said to have inspired the term "bubble car".


The   cars   original   design   was   conceived   by   Norbert   Stevenson,   a   freelance-journalist   who   had worked    for    the    "Rhein-Zeitung"    newspaper    who    had    completed    one    term    of    mechanical engineering   at   the Technische   Hochschule   Berlin.   His   design   concept   was   for   a   very   simple   three- wheeled   car   with   room   for   two   people   inside,   it   would   have   two   wheels   at   the   front   for   stability, and   be   driven   by   a   small   engine   at   the   rear.   After   initial   financial   support   for   the   project   from his   former   employer   had   ceased,   Stevenson   took   his   concept   to   several   companies   and   in   the summer of 1949, it was accepted by Karl Schmitt, a wealthy engineering graduate. Schmitt   was   a   Bosch   wholesaler   in   the   town   of   Fulda,   Germany,   who   also   ran   another   small company;     Elektromaschinenbau     Fulda     GmbH,     which     had     proved     successful     providing maintenance   and   repair   of   the   emergency   power   generators   in   widespread   use   in   Germany   after the war. The   Fuldamobil   was   licensed   for   manufacture   to   various   countries   where   it   was   known   by varying   names,   such   as   the   Nobel   in   Chile   and   the   UK,   the   Bambi   in   Argentina,   the   Bambino   in the   Netherlands,   Fram   King   Fulda   in   Sweden, Attica   and   also Alta   in   Greece,   and   Hans   Vahaar   in India.   It   was   also   manufactured   in   South   Africa   under   the   original   German   name.   A   pickup version called "Sporty" based on the coupé was also available in Argentina.


Engine 191 cc 1 cylinder Power 9,7 HP Lenght/width 3,2 m/1,45 m Weight 310 kg This Fulda has a pair of rear wheels which makes it as a car in Finland (three wheelers are motorcycles by the traffic laws).
Photos mainly by Matti Kreivilä. Historical facts and technical details of the vehicles provided by Wikipedia. Movies YouTube.