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Appr. 130.000 Bella scooters were sold

Zündapp Bella 200


The Zündapp Bella is a motor scooter manufactured by

motorcycle manufacturer Zündapp from 1953 to 1964.

The   design   of   the   Bella   was   heavily   influenced   by   that   of   the   Parilla   Levriere,   also   known   as   the Parilla   Greyhound. Along   with   being   similar   in   general   appearance,   both   designs   have   prominent air   tunnels   along   the   centreline   of   the   scooter   to   allow   fresh   air   to   cool   the   engine   without   a fan. As   introduced   in   1953,   the   Bella   had   a   146   cc   two-stroke   single   cylinder   engine,   12   inch   wheels, 6   V   electrics,   a   kick   starter,   and   an   undamped   telescopic   fork. The   fuel   tank   was   mounted   under the seat. A   version   of   the   Bella   called   the   Suburbanette   was   made   for   the   United   States   market   from   1953 to    1954.    The    Suburbanette    was    stripped    of    the    body    panels    enclosing    the    engine.    370 Suburbanettes were sold. A   197   cc   engine   producing   10   hp   (7.5   kW)   became   available   in   May   1954.   The   front   suspension was   later   changed   from   a   telescopic   fork   to   an   Earles-type   leading   link   fork   with   a   single suspension   unit   on   left   side   of   the   fork.   Later   Bella   scooters   also   had   12   V   electricals   powered   by two 6 V batteries. Electric starters also became available on the Bella. The   Bella   was   imported   into   the   United   Kingdom   by   Ambassador   Motorcycles,   and   into   the United States by International Motorcycle Company.


Engine 197 cc 10 hp
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